A Mother’s Plea-Stop Wrongful Convictions Now

If I am innocent until proven guilty then why am I constantly being mistreated by this law based system. If my rights are protected by the 8th amendment then why is my punishment not fair. It is cruel to lock me up in a system with a bail that is extraordinary set so high ($500,000) with security. The Judge knew it couldn’t be met also denying my rights to a bond reduction. My punishment doesn’t fit the crime and what happened to innoncent until proven guilty. The system is not being fixed whn prosecutors and those sitting up high are misapplication and misdirection of the law. It’s time out for Prosecutor and Judges to over abused their power and try cases while ignoring facts. It’s time to stop AZ persistence in the failed policies of mass incarceration wasting resources.

Justice is not supposed to be blind. For profit, they continue this unfair practice and Prosecutors should not be allowed to continue. Why should a person have to wait 15 to 30 yrs to be exonerated for a wrongful convictions to be overturned. A wrongful convictions is done when an individual is sentenced to a crime which doesn’t fit the time and the evidence shows differently. It’s time out for this injustice and unjust treatment. On behalf  of Christopher Handy #003393425, we are trying to stop another wrongful convictions before it happens. He is fighting to clear his name and get back his life to live,not as a caged animal. He is fighting for his case to be heard, for the Truth to be revealed. There was enough reasonable doubt and the charges doesn’t fit the crime.

Keeping it real,it’s time out for the race issues to be judged according to the color of my skin. It’s time for the reform of the criminal system to start there 1st. It’s time to dramatically reduce the number of people who are needlessly trapped in the system. Now! There was no murder and in actuality the guy was not even shot. I’m not trying to minimize a crime just the facts of a crime I have been charged with.  His story was not heard and all discovery was not released to the defendant. It’s modern day slavery disguised as justice. Christopher Handy will end up being another Black Man wrongfully convicted if we don’t do something Now. I am fighting this with an appeal but in the meantime that won’t happen until after my sentencing 12/23/2019. There are plenty of alternatives for sentencing instead of prison and this is one of those cases where I am fighting for it to be tried at least until I can get a new and fair trial.

The U.S. Constitution set forth rights and protection that are afforded to defendants and mine have been denied. Please stand up with me and many others to so this unjust treatment including the cruel treatment of being strapped to a high voltage vest throughout the 2week duration of my trial .SMH. Take the handkerchief off the eyes of Justice- Stop hiding behind the Truth.

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