Charge (and convict) George Floyd’s murderer of murder, and give him death penalty

Innocent Appeal. Elliot Axelman started this petition to Minnesota Attorney General and 2 others

Video footage clearly shows one cop pinning George Floyd – an innocent black man accused of nothing – down on the street using his knee and shin on his neck, as at least two other cops watch. There may have been more cops on the scene, but the video only captures one small area. The victim repeatedly complains that he cannot breathe, which can be heard on the video. A few hours later, the (presumed) innocent man was pronounced dead by hospital staff. Two of the cops have been placed on paid vacation, (a.k.a. administrative leave), and authorities claim that they will investigate the incident. The police were responding to a call by a store about a possible forgery/bad check being written by a customer. According to the police, Floyd fit the caller’s description.

These cops murdered an innocent, peaceful man without giving him any due process. The cops can have due process, but they must receive justice. In this case, they should face the death penalty. Please help by signing and sharing this petition to ensure that justice is served.

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