Demand for a New Judge to Save Mr. Harris

Sean Harris, a 35-year-old young Black man has been living in Dallas, Texas, all his life. He has followed every law, lived his life by the rule book. Yet, today he is facing jail time because of wrongful conviction. We all know how biased the Government can be, and Mr. Harris is solid proof of that. false testimony from witnesses has landed in court, without the opportunity to get a fair trial. The attorneys he was assigned lied and gave false information, which in the end lead Mr. Harris to represent himself before the court.

Which turned out to be worst case scenario, because he faced a biased judge who wrongfully convicted him of crimes he had no part in. Mr. Harris was denied a fair trial and we demand justice. Sean Harris is in need of your help, or he will be sent to jail for an unjust system.

Sign the petition so Mr. Harris can get a new, unbiased judge. We need to seek justice for Sean Harris when the justice system failed him so.

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