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InnocentAppeal.Brandon Green started this petition to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and 2 others

Mr. Green was wrongfully convicted, based upon crooked Government tactics, to include their knowing use of perjured testimony from cooperating witnesses. Moreover, Mr. Green’s lawyers and even the Court’s took part in denying him his rights to a fair trial, which directly resulted in his wrongful conviction. Mr. Green has been forced to represent himself, because all of his attorneys thus far have lied to and misled him. There is no one here he can trust. Mr. Green needs your help. The only way he will receive justice is if he is treated fairly, and this requires a new Judge–a fair and impartial Judge.

Most recently, Mr. Green’s Federal Judge, Paul G. Gardpehe of the SDNY,  disconnected the line of communication during a telephonic hearing while Mr. Green was pleading his Case (or stated differently, while he was pleading for his life). He DISCONNECTED THE LINE WHILE THIS CONFERENCE WAS GOING ON.

Justice demands better from those who are supposed to defend the Constitution. Please, sign this Petition, and help Mr. Green get a new Judge so that justice can be done.

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