For the Canadian and American government to re-evaluate civil rights for black people

Innocent Appeal. Ajay Chol started this petition to Barack Obama and 1 other

Ever since the beginning of time, black people have been put down and mistreated as if we were not made by God himself. You do not have to believe in God to see that this act of cruelty and hatred is evil. They think we are just thugs, athletes, or rappers. Black people are much more than that. We are strong, We are unique, We are beautiful. My people have been killed unjustly and the way we can get to the bottom of this is by standing together as one and doing what we believe is right. I refuse to be a victim of racism. I refuse!
If you sign this petition, you are going to help us spread awareness of racism and open our way to get our rights and freedoms. We don’t have to be the ones to change the world, we can spark the ones that can! One step at a time we will find our way through this pain, and learn to be one. Racism is a disgusting thing and it does not belong here. Black people are dying everyday because of the hatred of others, in a country where the creed they believe is “All men are created equal”. I truly have not seen that yet, a country where the anthem represents freedom. Where is the freedom for my people without them getting discriminated against. This may not be happening in my city, community, or country but this is happening to my people. I see all the videos and it makes my brothers and sisters blood boil. So we have decided to step up!

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