Free Devonia Inman from False Imprisonment

Innocent Appeal. Janette Parker started this petition to Georgia Supreme Court and 2 others

My cousin Devonia Inman has been serving life without parole for the 1998 murder of Donna Brown in Adel, Georgia. “During the 2001 trial, prosecutors presented no physical evidence that tied Inman to the crime. Jurors heard from a jailhouse informant who said Inman told him he killed Brown, but the inmate later said he was coerced into turning on Inman. Prosecutors also called upon a friend of Inman’s who initially said she saw Inman with a lot of cash the morning after the killing. But she also recanted. A witness who did not retract her testimony was a newspaper delivery woman who said she saw Inman driving Brown’s car shortly after the shooting. But a man standing next to her at that time has said it was too dark for her to have identified Inman. Inman’s lawyers tried to call on witnesses who said another man, Hercules Brown, told them he committed the murder. (Hercules Brown is not related to the victim.) But Superior Court Judge Buster McConnell did not let the jury hear their testimony. Years later, DNA testing was conducted to see who might have been wearing a homemade mask found inside Donna Brown’s car. The GBI crime lab matched the DNA on the mask to Hercules Brown.”

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