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Innocent Appeal. BLACK LIVES MATTER IE started this petition to County of San Bernardino. Department of Justice

Lawrence Bender was shot on June 29th, 2019 in San Bernardino, California by officer Michael Babineaux of the Rialto Police Department. He was taken to an undisclosed hospital and held under a false name where he underwent multiple life saving  operations.  During the following weeks the family, including his mother, were denied contact with Lawrence Bender.

At the same time, Lawrence was also being denied outside communication and Due Process.

After TWO weeks without an arraignment or any appearance before a magistrate, we instructed the family to file a missing persons report. This report was filed on 7-13-2019.

Subsequently, he was arrested and booked in West Valley Detention Center the SAME DAY. He has remained there ever since.

We are Demanding that Lawrence Bender be FREED immediately, and false charges dropped.

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