Free Ronald Sanford, a young boy sentenced to 170 years and on death row

Ronald L Sanford grew up in a troubled home with no parental guidance. Ronald one day was looking to make money by cutting grass with a friend, Sean Rowe, which turned into a double homicide where Sanford was sentenced to 170 years at the age of 15 for a crime he committed at 13 by side of Sean Rowe. Rowe was older than Sanford at the time and agreed to testify against Sanford for a plea deal, which he received and was only sentenced to 5 years and was later released in 1991. The court had no substantial evidence on Sanford and actually only relied on Rowe’s testimony on convicting Sanford. Sanford was not made aware that he could appeal his sentence and has since has made multiple attempts to make a appeal which continuously has been denied. Sanford is now on death row awaiting decision for a crime committed so young. Watching Sanford do multiple interviews is heartbreaking and shows his remorse in acts. Sanford is very intelligent and shows how he has changed since. Please sign this petition in attempt to get Sanford off of death row and get him a shorter sentence for justice to be served as he has already served over 30 years!

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