I’d want the officers involved in murdering my brother convicted

Innocent Appeal. Andrew Bradford started this petition to Hoover Police Department in Hoover, Alabama

Thanksgiving 2018 Emantic EJ Bradford Jr was in Galleria mall in Hoover around 9pm that evening. My brother was legally registered to carry. There were conflicting reports. My brother was unlawfully murdered because he was a black man with a gun. They shot him down without warning. 3 shots in the back. They never gave warning. Our father was retiring from Birmingham police after 25 years. He was 4 days from retiring. We had to bury my baby brother at 21 years for what? Steve Marshall the Alabama attorney  general justified the shooting despite them saying my brother was the shooter then changing in hours later. We weren’t notified until Friday that Ej was gone. #JusticeforEj #JusticeforEjBradford #JusticeForAllThoseUnlawfullySlain

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