Justice for Clarance Goode Jr.

Innocent Appeal. Leigha Jurasik started this petition to Anti Death Penalty and 5 others

Clarance Goode Jr. has been on Oklahoma’s death row for the last 12 years. His case is extremely flawed and he should’ve never ended up on death row.

The crime happened on August 25, 2005. There are two co defendants in this case. The crime is supposed to have happened around 1 am. Clarance left the co defendants at 10 Pm and returned home. Clarance’s mother testified that on the morning of August 26, 2005 Clarance was home and they left early to visit his brother in prison. His brother’s fiance at the time also testified that she heard Clarance in his mother’s house after 11 pm. Clarance knew nothing of the murders that happened the night of August 25 until he talked to someone the next day who told him the news.

This case is riddled with misconduct and corruption. The co defendant admitted to being on drugs that night and he already had a history of memory problems. He told multiple variations of what happened before including Clarance. There is video from interrogations with the victim’s sister where there is NO sound, meaning you can’t verify exactly what was/wasn’t said about Clarance. The sister also changed her story multiple times before implicating Clarance. Clarance went to the police station willingly August 27 and was arrested as a material witness because of what the victim’s sister told police. She had an extremely volatile relationship with her brother. (victim). Several officers with metal detectors went to a residential location given by one of the co defendants. At this location the co defendant alleged evidence could be found in a field across the street. After several hours of searching the premises and field no evidence could be found or detected by the metal detectors UNTIL the “corrupt” officer arrives.
Shortly after he appears and begins searching the premises & nearby field he coincidentally finds shell casings laying on the curb near the open field that none of the other officers could find after hours of searching.   These shell casings combined with the co defendant’s version of events implicated Clarance. This detective told people that he would do “whatever it takes to get Clarance, legal or illegal.” This same detective was later accused of falsifying evidence and search warrants, selling drugs, and committing perjury. This detective was convicted and sentenced to 42 months in federal prison.

Federal court records reveal that at least 42 people have been freed from custody, had a case dismissed, a sentence modified, or a new trial because this detective worked on their case. The appeals court did not even allow Clarance a new evidentiary hearing. He has been railroaded from the beginning and now he sits on death row awaiting an execution date.

On February 13, 2020 Oklahoma announced they plan to resume executions after a 5 year hiatus due to complications with the execution drugs. On February 24, 2020 The Supreme Court declined to hear Clarance’s case. He has exhausted all his appeals. Clarance and his family have been waiting for justice for 15 years too long. Please take a moment to sign this petition so we can help Clarance Goode get justice! #JusticeforClarance #FreeClaranceGoode #DontKillClarance

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