Justice for Ian Smith, A Kind Man Was Taken from His Family.

It has been a month since we saw Ian Smith getting brutally murdered in broad daylight, all in the pretense of police responsibility. Except we all know what it was, it was police brutality murder. The police department is known for their biased behavior towards Black people. Most of the time, they get away with it with by hiding under the shade of law. But when it gets to the point of a person getting murdered in the name of law, there is no way to justify it.

We need justice for Ian Smith, whose murder is still filed as unsolved. The officers responsible, Officer Reynolds and Officer Spencer have not even been fired or under suspension. They are walking among us, still working in their respective positions in the department. They have no remorse over killing a man just because he allegedly stole a cellphone, which was never proven either.

The justice system needs to change their biased ways and hold the officers responsible for murder. Sign the petition to raise awareness and demand justice, so that the Smith family can rest a little easy.

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