Justice for Kionte Spencer

Innocent Appeal.  BJ Lark + BP started this petition to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and 8 others

Kionte Spencer was an 18 year-old senior in high school and resident of Roanoke County, VA. Kionte was shot and killed by Roanoke County Police on February 26, 2016 while walking by a busy street near where he lived (88% white). Roanoke County Police spun the narrative to win public attention, which grossly resulted into sweeping a murder case “under the rug”. Roanoke County Police informed Kionte Spencer had a broken BB gun – TO DATE, NO TOY GUN HAS BEEN RECOVERED. Everyone who saw Kionte that day inform he had his headphones on and CELL PHONE in his HAND. Despite public outcry for JUSTICE for Kionte:

1. Roanoke County Police will not release the video footage

2. BIASLY investigated themselves

3. Closed the case

4. Claimed no wrong doing


Here’s a Facebook page to show support for the family and coalition:


To find out more information:


A song, by his family, about Kionte and Black Lives Matter:



-An outside, unbiased investigation

-An outside, transparent investigation

-The release of police video and audio footage

-The release of the involved police officers names

-The absolute Truth, no matter what it reveals

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