To bring attention to the injustice of wrongfully convicted individuals

Innocent Appeal.  Deana Jones started this petition to Kim Kardashian and 4 others

My son is currently serving life w/o parole (13 years now) and he’s declared his innocence from day one. We’ve been told the entire time of his incarceration that he had nothing to do with the crime & wasn’t there. Yet we can’t get any witness participation. The 1 witness (Arthur Stakely) tested positive for gunpowder residue on his face and hands, yet was never considered a suspect. The physical description he gave of my then 18 year old son is total opposite of Joenelle Hawthorne’s physicality. My son Joenelle has no priors & has never been a violent person. As of recent, I see he isn’t the only man wrongfully accused tried & convicted of crimes not committed. I can’t rest until this injustice that has violated my son, my family and community is stopped. 13 years stolen because of a corrupt crime lab in Detroit in 2007, no fingerprints, no physical evidence and 1 witness who was not credible at all. Please help me get my son exonerated and set free? Nobody never thinks this could happen to them until it’s at their front door. Joenelle told me after sentencing that MDOC just told him he’ll never fall in love, have kids or witness me growing old. He wants to give this life sentence back because in his words,  “Ma I shouldn’t be here’

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