We Demand Racial Justice. Justice for Alice Penn

Alice Penn, a young Black woman has been a peaceful activist for years. During one such protest in Long Island, she was being followed by a social influencer named Robert Crowley, a known shite supremacist. The man had a steady and devoted number of followers on Instagram, and he posted pictures and videos of Alice during the protest and captioned them with racist slurs. Noticing this, Alice Penn asked him nicely to put it down, but in turn he became violent and pulled out a pistol to threaten her and her friends.

After repeatedly asking the police to remove him from the premises, given he was carrying a weapon and threatening. She was denied. In the meantime, the Crowley’s followers were issuing direct death threats to Alice and her friends. Except for the fact that, she herself was removed from the premises on violating terms of peace.

We seek justice for Alice Penn, who was harassed yet punished for trying to protect herself and her friends. Sign the petition and help us seek justice for Alice.

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