About Us

Innocent Appeal, like the name suggests, is dedicated to fighting against injustice. We rally in the streets and in the courts demanding criminal justice & equality for people of color, to end mass incarceration and police violence and murder, reunite families, and other changes that matter most.  

Beyond wrongful imprisonments, we offer other clauses that include freedom for the innocents, wrongful arrests and convictions, false police reports, prosecutorial immunity, anti-immigration prosecution, end money bail, defund the police, racist attacks, private prisons, and many others.

We are born out of a collective desire to upturn injustice in the United States. We believe that injustice to one is an injustice to all. This is why we totally reject a justice system that does more harm than good to Black lives. We are focused on helping those who have been wrongfully impacted; we give everyone a voice to promote the change they are seeking.

As an online force, we persuade decision-makers to create a holistic environment that is more human and less hostile to the black people in the United States.

What's more?

We take time in designing powerful campaigns aimed at putting an end to unfair practices against the Black race in the workplace, culture, economy, community life, and anywhere they exist and champion a better solution moving forward. Through our platform, you can also create your own campaign, write your stories, and let the world know what you have been through. 

Our Mission & Vision

At Innocent Appeal, we do not just dream of a better world; we create strategies and spark inspirations to fix and change our nation. We are on a mission to change our world; this is why we offer a wide variety of clauses that include wrongful arrest, imprisonment & convictions, false police reporting, end prosecutorial immunity, police brutality, murder, racist attacks, private prisons and many more. These clauses are aimed at redefining our criminal justice system and advancing solutions to transform our world. 


Innocent Appeal is a national team of impacted individuals and activists dedicated to fighting against injustice. We are made of a supportive team ready to make an impact at all times. As a team, our mission is to hold prosecutors accountable to end the mass incarceration crisis in the US and make the environment more human and less hostile to the black people.

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