Ensure Civil Rights for Black People

As far as we can see in history, Black people have been on the scrutiny by everyone as if we were not even human beings. We have been mistreated, enslaved and killed just for the color of our skins, which none of us has any control over. Our ancestors have fought so much for the freedom and rights we already should have had. Even then, we can see discrimination popping up everywhere, and white supremacist groups spreading their propaganda does not help the cause either.

The racism becomes even more prominent when we take a look at the police department. Those who take an oath to uphold the law are the ones who abuse it the most. You can rarely find a young Black man out there who haven’t been harassed by the police for no reason at all at least once. Just because he was walking down a road. Frisking without reason, searching cars, and stopped for questioning for no other reason than just being Black.

We have to step up and refuse this racist behavior to prevail. We refuse to be the victim anymore. Help us sign the petition to demand equal treatment in the eyes of law which is the basic civil rights. Sign the petition to help us get free of the age old hatred over skin color.

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