It’s High Time We Put a Stop to Prosecutorial Immunity

State prosecutors has had immunity for as far as our legal system goes. They are the only ones who are never to be held accountable for their actions, no one even questions them. Not when they withhold evidence just for the sake of winning their cases. In the cases that the evidence is withheld from, it turns out the defendants would have won if it was shared almost all of the times. Innocent people are being victimized just for the biasness of the prosecutors and it needs to stop.

All states need to recognize that this is one of the main reasons for wrongful convictions, which if proven costs a state up to 100s millions of dollars. Even after that, if the defendant’s innocence is proven, they would have still liked their freedom more than the harassment they faced.

It’s time we stand up to the problem and start recognizing it. Sign the petition to stop prosecutorial immunity once and for all. We can make sure no one spends decades of their lifetime in prison for biasness.

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