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To submit a case to the Innocent Appeal

At Innocent Appeal, submissions for cases of wrongly convicted defendants of crimes in the United States are reviewed and, taken by volunteer private lawyers and firms.

If you or a person you know has been wrongly convicted of a crime but cannot afford the services of an defense attorney, you can write us a letter explaining the situation and a member of our intake team will assist you in submitting a case to the best of our ability.

Types of cases we are currently accepting:

  • Cases where an innocent defendant was convicted of a crime in the United States
  • Both DNA and non-DNA cases
  • Felonies in criminal appeals
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) and gang-related conspiracy cases
  • Police brutality cases
  • Political prisoner cases
  • Aging prisoner cases
  • Cases where no incarceration or sentence is required
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