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Fast, easy, and has no startup or requirement fees

Raise funds to fight injustice for yourself, people or causes that matters most.

Innocent Appeal is fast, easy, and has no startup or requirement fees

Helping a friend in the fight against injustice does not have to be complicated; giving isn’t expensive; uplifting others does not have to be difficult, and making a difference in someone’s life shouldn’t be seen as a daunting task. 

Give to someone in need today by donating to a FundMe Appeal on Innocent Appeal.  You can be the miracle that someone has prayed and wished for.

Start by creating a campaign for individuals and charities.  Our platform is safe and secure.  Individuals from all walks of life can seek assistance, and donors are free to support a good cause here. 

With our platform, you can raise funds for schools, friends, non-profits, or any good cause. We also support the raising of Legal Defense Fund,  Medical, Memorials+ Funerals and Kids & Family Fund using our platform.  In the end, our aim is to support incarcerated people rebuild their lives after returning home and communities in crisis, kids and families in need, and unite families. 

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Re-entry Savings Fund

Kids & Family Fund

Legal Defense Fund

Memorials + Funerals

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