Stop False Police Reporting

Even after the release of the new 911 False Reporting Bill, police reports are being falsified daily and more people are getting victimized for it. The bill was passed with the intention to protect the vulnerable people who have been victims of false police report in the past. The issue doesn’t solely lie with the law enforcement either, civilians can also make false police report for any sort of vendetta against a person, and it results in harassment for the person, sometimes even incarceration.

This issue has been going on for decades, 911 calls are taken very seriously in every state. So, when someone makes a distress call or to report a crime, there is always immediate response, and there is hardly ever time to verify the source. Due to that, people can take serious advantage of the situation and lay false claims about someone to frame them.

We have to step up and put a stop to this nonsense. False police reporting can not only harass innocent people but can also lead up to serious repercussions for them. Sign the petition to help up put a stop to false reporting, be it from the law enforcement or civilians.

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