Stories of Injustice

Death PenaltyVictory

Julius Jones’s execution stopped, he remains in Jail

VictoryWrongful Conviction

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery


Non-Violent Man Locked Up For 20 Years For Marijuana: Free Valon M. Vailes

Wrongful Conviction

Demand Fair Justice for Donnell Murray

Wrongful Conviction

Serving Life w/ Hard Labor w/o Parole for $20 of Marijuana

Wrongful Conviction

Federal Judge Hangs Up On Defendant; Demand He Get a New Judge. Sign this Petition

Errors in Sentencing

Allow DNA testing that could prove innocence


Drop the Charges Against BLM Protest Organizers in Lexington, KY

Criminal Justice SystemJudicial Misconduct

Impeach Judge Mary Shaw for approving the Breonna Taylor warrant

Civil RightsPolice Accountability


Criminal Justice SystemMass Incarceration

Reduce Prison Sentences For Inmates To Serve 60% Instead of 85% & Drop Gang Enhancement for Rehabilitated Inmates

Death PenaltyGovernment Misconduct

Justice for Clarance Goode Jr.

Civil RightsRacial Justice

Let’s Pass Police Reform: Support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act!

Civil RightsEnd Prosecutional Immunity

Stand Against Racial Inequality & Criminal Injustice – Help Free a Good & Innocent Man

Civil RightsCriminal Justice System

Criminal Justice Reform: Police Brutality

End Prosecutional ImmunityProsecutorial Misconduct


Civil RightsPolice Brutality

Justice for Kionte Spencer

Civil RightsPolice Brutality

Release the body camera footage of Anthony’s death

Civil RightsPolice Brutality

Justice for Jamarion Robinson

Government MisconductSecond Chance


Racial Justice


False Police ReportingPolice Brutality

FREE Lawrence Bender

Police BrutalityPolice Murder

I’d want the officers involved in murdering my brother convicted

Judicial MisconductProsecutorial Misconduct

PLEASE HELP EXPOSE Judicial Corruption and Prosecutorial Misconduct; Free Quentin Bailey

Judicial MisconductProsecutorial Misconduct

#FreeMyon! LIFE ROBBED FOR POLITICAL GAIN – Wrongful Conviction of INNOCENT Myon Burrell

Defund The PolicePolice Brutality

APA Bd is re-victimizing Elijah McClain in their Official Statement after 32 Indictments!

End Solitary Confinement

Abolish Solitary Confinement

End Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement to long

End Solitary ConfinementVictory

End Solitary Confinement for Juveniles!

Judicial MisconductWrongful Conviction


Death Penalty

Stop Executions and End the Death Penalty

Death Penalty

Tell Joe Biden to End the Death Penalty

Criminal Justice System

Reform Felony Murder Laws In Minnesota


Pardon Ralo

Cop Watch

Charge (and convict) George Floyd’s murderer of murder, and give him death penalty

Civil Rights

Change Todd George (KKK) Parkway to Lucile Bluford (civil rights activist) Parkway

Civil Rights

For the Canadian and American government to re-evaluate civil rights for black people

Wrongful Imprisonment

Free Devonia Inman from False Imprisonment

Judicial Misconduct

Audit the NH Judicial Conduct Committee & Courts!

Wrongful Conviction

To bring attention to the injustice of wrongfully convicted individuals

Wrongful Conviction

Demand a retrial for Angel Bumpass wrongfully convicted 13 year old with a life sentence

Wrongful Conviction

FREE MICHAEL CRUMP, Wrongfully Convicted because of his Hoodie!

Police Brutality

Justice for Darrien Hunt – Reopen his case


Clemency for Larry Hoover, Serving 6 Life Sentences for Non-Violent, Drug Related Offenses


Clemency for #Ernest Johnson

Wrongful Conviction

Free DeWayne Ewing, An INNOCENT Man

Second Chance

Free Tameka Drummer

Wrongful Conviction

#FreeMichaelDuvall: My Brother Is Innocent

Wrongful Conviction

A Mother’s Plea-Stop Wrongful Convictions Now

Wrongful Conviction

Holding doctors accountable for false diagnosis that lead to wrongful convictions.

Wrongful Conviction

Tell Queens DA Melinda Katz to Reopen the Case for Chanel Lewis

Second Chance

Enough Time Served for Tabitha Gray

Police BrutalityVictory

Justice Prevailed! for George Floyd

Police Brutality

Justice for Daunte Wright

Police Brutality

Justice For Jacob Blake

Police Brutality

Justice for Ronald Greene

Second Chance

Free Ronald Sanford, a young boy sentenced to 170 years and on death row


Free Greg Mingo: Help bring an innocent man home

Wrongful Conviction

Free Horace Peterson! Michigan man serves life in prison for murder he didn’t commit.

Racial Justice

We Demand Racial Justice. Justice for Alice Penn

Social Justice

Demand for Defunding Law Enforcement, for Social Justice

Police Brutality

Justice for Ian Smith, A Kind Man Was Taken from His Family.

Wrongful Conviction

Demand for a New Judge to Save Mr. Harris

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